Mary Mac Bakehouse started out as nothing more than a way to make transporting bread ingredients easier for baking demos, and has transformed into a podcast, web store, physical store, and even clothing brand! Okay, not a clothing brand, but we do have t-shirts.

Actually just listen to Episode 2 – Mary Mac: Origins and you’ll know everything.

Long story short, Mary Mac is a baker, machinist, shopkeep, and mother who decided that she was going to start a podcast about baking. Anna Mac is the resident technology wizard and family I.T. department who does the engineering/producing side of the show. We have guests on from time to time, who are credited in the episodes in which they appear. Mary Mac Bakehouse is a licensed home bakery in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Our fresh-baked breads, cinnamon buns, and assorted baking mixes are available at Standing Chimney in Lawrence County, PA. Our baking mixes are also now available at our online store, just click “Store” in the menu.

If you’re in the Western Pennsylvania area, stop by Standing Chimney some time! For more information about any of these recipes, the baking business, the store, or just random thoughts, drop us a line at mobilemarymac@gmail.com.

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