Who’s Who

The Team

Anna Mac, Mary Mac, Katy Mac, Jay Mac, & Rachel Mac

Mary Mac is a baker, machinist, shopkeep, and mother who decided that she was going to start a podcast about baking. She started Mary Mac Bakehouse a way to make transporting bread ingredients easier for baking demos, and it has transformed into a baking empire! Home base is in Lawrence County, PA.

Anna Mac is the resident technology wizard and family I.T. department who does the engineering/producing side of the show. In addition to editing the audio, she designs a lot of the labels for the baking mixes in the web store.

Rachel Mac runs the Mary Mac Podcast twitter account (@marymacpodcast) as well as doing a lot of the social media posting. She has also been a hidden guest on a few episodes of the podcast.

The Guests

Jay Mac – Cupcake consultant on Episode 17: The Best Cupcakes Ever, as well as a taste tester in a few episodes. Instagram is @arbyhotdog

Terry Mac – Mary Mac’s husband, taste tester in a few episodes, and the man responsible for the loud champagne pop in the beginning of Episode 18: Cool Refreshing Drinks. Yes, it did leave a little dent in the ceiling.

Mary Lou Andruschenko – Featured pierogi expert on Episode 24: Hunky Platter. Instagram is @3_moms_travel

John Anthony – Guest taste taster on Episode 43: Mac n’ Cheese with John Anthony and one of the Save Money By Making Your Own Vanilla videos. His band, The Vindys, is based in Youngstown, OH and can be found on https://thevindys.com

Rachel Murgia and Portia Javorsky – Featured falagones experts on Episode 84: Falagones with Rachel and Portia. They and their family from McKee’s Rocks in Western PA are keepers of the Holy Grail (the falagone recipe) and they were kind enough to share it with us.

Caramel – Anna Mac’s cat, occasionally can be heard heckling Mary Mac while we’re recording.